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Egg yolk can relieve the pain bought by period

For female, having period is a normal event but some people may hate it because of the pain bought by period. I am not talking about things in general as not all female have to face this problem. But those who have this problem would have a hard time during period. What can they do? [...]

greatest food for female

Scales can be the greatest food for female?

Every female want to keep themselves looks young all the time because they want to keep their appearance looks great. Some female choose to using some ‘external’ method putting one make ups. But they can also eat healthy foods to have a similar effect.

Eat more mushrooms can help you to prevent suffering from breast Cancer

Eat more mushrooms can help you to prevent suffering from breast Cancer

Central idea: Breast Cancer is very common among female and it greatly threaten the health of female. If we can have a well diet in our daily life, it can help to prevent us from suffering from cancers and it can also help those who have already suffered from cancer to have the use of [...]

Using fruits and vegetables to remove freckles? So easy!

Is it really so hard to remove freckles on face? Ladies always worry about freckles because they just cannot find ways to remove them. Actually, it is an easy job with the help of natural vegetables and fruits.

Nutritional recommendations to female

We can treat the whole society as a big family as there are kids, teenagers, elderlies, male and female. Different person has different type of life and it has made their social life become colorful. No matter their age and sex, their need for health is almost the same but the need for nutrition is [...]

The four best food to keep you as a beauty

Central advice: Ladies are afraid of some little wrinkle appearing in their face; it can be rather serious if they become bigger. So that those beauties must be aware of them! Today, I am going to recommend 4 foods that can keep you beautiful!

Food that can help us to avoid sunburnt

Many ladies are afraid of dark color of their skin if they were white. Actually, other than doing some external protective measures, they can also have the similar effects by eating some foods as some foods contain the substances that can prevent you from sunburnt. We advice you to eat more the following food in [...]

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