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Five must-not do for babies' diet

Five must-not do for babies’ diet

For those normal babies, if you feed them by some scientific method, there won’t be any nutritional illness normally. But there are five must-not do for babies’ diet.

Breastfeeding baby can greatly prevent them to suffer from asthma

Central idea: Many researches show that those who never been breastfeed may have a higher chance of suffering from asthma, dry cough and sputum, compare with those breastfeeding baby which has been fed for more than 6 months. The chance of suffering from asthma and sputum is also higher by 1.5 times.

Mustn’t-eat foods for the kids younger than 10-year-olds

For the parents, the biggest wish is that their own babies can have a healthy life and grow up. Many experts who are dedicated to kid researches told us that, before kid reach 10 years ago, it is the golden time for their brain to have the best development. So that parents and teachers of [...]

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