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Eating Chinese wolfberry can make you beautiful and have better sights

As we know, Chinese wolfberry to help to removing liver-fire for improving eyesight in the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine field.

It is because it is rich in carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, iron ,etc. They are the must-have nutrients for our eyes.
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Eating bananas after having barbecues can helps to protect our stomach and intestines

Many people only concern about the nutrients of the food but they do not know the importance of taking some measures that helps with our health.

Actually, if we can be careful enough, a tiny act after having a meal can greatly improve your health condition. Read more »

The 4 unknown efficacies of Oatmeal

As we know, oatmeal is one of the best breakfasts for us. But than, it has 4 good effects of health protection that we usually do not know.
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Mustn’t-eat foods for the kids younger than 10-year-olds

For the parents, the biggest wish is that their own babies can have a healthy life and grow up. Many experts who are dedicated to kid researches told us that, before kid reach 10 years ago, it is the golden time for their brain to have the best development. So that parents and teachers of the kindergartens should pay more special attention on the balanced diets which can also provide enough nutrients for the kid, so as to let the kid to have a good eating habit. Read more »

The eight food that can help you to have enough sleep

How can we sleep well for around 7 hours? American health expert said that we should go to the kitchen to enjoy one or two food of the following as they can help us to release the stress of our muscles, release our stress and make us fell calm. This can also induce the production of thrombocytin and melatonin which can help us to sleep. Read more »

The most common poisonous food in the kitchen

In fact, we almost eat some animals and plants that may contain toxic substances everyday. It is not difficult to see the news about food poisoning in the newspapers.

In order to ensure that such things will never happen on us,it is necessary for us to have a fully understanding about the most common toxic food in the kitchen and how they harm us.
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Eating oranges everyday can help to prevent liver diseases

Patients of Hepatitis should pay extra attention of eating ‘high-protein but low-fat’ diet. Actually, they should eat more soy products, eggs, fishes, and drinking milks. These are all high protein foods and they are recommended to eat more high protein foods. Moreover, they should eat more leafy vegetables and keep their weight in a suitable level so as to prevent to the existence of Read more »

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