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Whole grain protects against colorectal cancer

Grain reduces the risk of cancer: who exchanges Croissant in the morning against cereals, protects his intestines.

It’s reduces his risk of colorectal cancer who eat whole grains. The third most common type of cancer is probably closely related to the consumption of cereals, revealed a study of Imperial College London.

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food that can higher our immunity

The seven food that can higher our immunity

Central idea: As we know that in Autumn and Winter, we easily suffer from various of diseases which usually seen in these two seasons and that would greatly damage our health. If we want to lower the chances of suffering from various of diseases, we have better higher our bodies’ immunity to bacteria and virus. How can we higher our bodies’ immunity?
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The best recipe of against flu

Protect this autumn is from viruses by you strengthen your immune system at an early stage. The vegetarian salad can help us to do this! Read more »

Why eating and drinking is essential?

Some people may have questions on why eating and drinking can stay them healthy, at least stay them alive. The answer is simple, foods contain various of nutritions and it can help you to maintain your life.
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What can we do when we are always under the effects of radiation?

Have you heard of the bad effects brought by radiation? Do you know that the excess contact with radiation can make us suffer from cancer? So what can we do when we are always under the effects of radiation?Let me introduce you some healthy foods that can help you to lower the bad effects of radiation towards our bodies.
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greatest food for female

Scales can be the greatest food for female?

Every female want to keep themselves looks young all the time because they want to keep their appearance looks great. Some female choose to using some ‘external’ method putting one make ups. But they can also eat healthy foods to have a similar effect.
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Happy Halloween For every healthiest foods fans

Dear Reader,

First of all,Welcome to my healthy foods Blog.

In this post , I just want to say Happy Halloween for every visitor.

That all.thanks!

Have a nice day

Andy Lee


Two Plus Three Every Day

Some people like eating meat very much but seems that they do not aware of the potential danger of doing so. They just would not eat vegetable and fruits in their daily meal as they just do not like to do so. But than, it may harm their bodies. Actually, we have to follow the rule of Two Plus Three Every Day in order to keep us healthy.
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Avoid eating ’3-high-1-low’ food to protect your body

If you want to be healthy, you must have a healthy lifestyle as that is essential for you to keep yourself healthy. This time, I am not going to tell you the exact food that you have to eat but to introduce you a concept, which can help you to choose healthy food by yourself and I think that it is far better than others recommendation as you are the one who know how healthy you are.
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Don’t eat too much, or else food will be poisonous-part two

Tips: Everything has both sides, including eating. We have to think in deep in order to face the various of choices of eating and drinking. Moreover, we also need to have a healthy diet to prevent from suffering from diseases caused by eating.
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