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What dinner to prevent weight gain?

Today we want to talk about an aspect that worries many, many times dinner enters us doubt about what they can eat, and everything seems going to fatten us. Therefore, today we are going to remove this doubt, we tell you what you should have dinner to prevent weight gain, pay attention!

First that nothing, it is important that we bear in mind that dinner is not the same as food, so the food we consume should be different. Additionally, at night our body works differently, so the caloric intake should be less.dinner

To achieve this we must set aside foods that are fatty, as these slow down digestion. It is advisable consume fruits and vegetables, better still if they are cooked, because eating them raw must ferment in the stomach, thus delaying the digestive process. On the other hand, must also be present animal proteins, although they do not have to contain fat almost. Best thing is to opt for Turkey, chicken, white fish, egg, including whites.

Coffee and wine

Conflicts of eating food – Coffee and wine

Eating and drinking is not easy at all. Why I say so? Because there are many things that you have to concern as some of the unhealthy eating and drinking habits and ways would risk your life in danger! What risk my life in danger? You are kidding, right? No, actually, I am going to tell you some examples of the conflicts of eating food.
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What are the properties of white fish

Today we dedicate a space to talk about a very good food for health, it’s the white fish. As all types of fish, this contains nutrients essential for the body and is included in all weight loss diets, today we tell you specifically what are its benefits, so you know exactly what you’re eating.
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woman lose weight diet

For women that want food to lose weight

Food to lose weight, but change food to lose weight can actually help you get control over your weight.

And help you maintain optimal health system, full of energy and vitality.

Health professionals do not suggest customers to make fast, they prefer to provide nutritious foods that contribute to weight loss.
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what fruits should we eat in winter

What fruits should we eat in winter?

As you know that it is very cold in winter, we may have the chances of suffering from various diseases and we have to find doctors to cure them. But what fruits is good for curing our uncomfortable feelings?
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Tips for caring for the baby’s skin

Last week we talked about a little on the skin, we saw the importance of caring for her more even in cold seasons, usually drying out. For this we should feed us correctly and give a series of special care, which increases in the case of babies. For this reason, today we will give you some basic tips that you beseech your baby’s skin. It is important to them you have in mind that while you can as they may appear simple or even obvious, if we are forgetting we harm our son. So much attention!
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Food tips to ensure that children eat meat

Reasons to give Sin children

As we have already spoken on several occasions, to take care of our health is essential to maintain a balanced diet, this means that we must include all food groups. A basic food in this list is the fish, especially for children, which is why we must ensure it doesn’t lack in their diet. For this reason, today we give you some tips to help your kids not so reject, is, as we all know, give fish a child not always the easiest thing.
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Hydration and health: get it with varied drinks

Provided that we are talking about keeping our health in good condition mentioned the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, exercise regularly, sleep well and follow healthy habits. Within this group include the importance of drinking enough water to keep hydrated. Today we will tell you why not cannot ignore this simple advice and the implications.
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Tips for taking care of the intestinal flora

Today we dedicate a space to talk about a very important aspect of our digestive system. If you did not know, it is populated in live bacteria, which are known as intestinal flora and are essential for our health care. These are wide variety of functions, as for example, help us in food digestion and absorption of nutrients. Also increases resistance to infections and prevent the growth of bacteria responsible for transit, among other disorders.
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Egg yolk can relieve the pain bought by period

For female, having period is a normal event but some people may hate it because of the pain bought by period. I am not talking about things in general as not all female have to face this problem. But those who have this problem would have a hard time during period. What can they do? They can eat egg yolk as egg yolk can relieve the pain bought by period!
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