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sliced lemon with water is prevent cancer?

Core Tip:
is lemon power of Anti-cancer and Prevent cancer? lemon make water tasted better and provide rich Vitamin c.but for prevent cancer,the food has lot’s of element effects together.so the lemon water can prevent cancer and Anti-cancer is too absolute.

recently,I hear about most people sliced lemon with water and drink every day.They believe lemon water can prevent cancer and Anti-cancer.

However,I am also used to drink lemonade.but i not ues it to prevent cancer.Lemon also can with dish,especially when i cooking the fish,i will put some lemon to gives us a good appetite and addition to flavor.sliced lemon with water is prevent cancer

ok,now follow me and analyze is sliced lemon with water can prevent cancer?

lemon is classify by Citrus. the Citrus also include mandarin,orange and pomelo ETC. the nutrients of Citrus both have:

1.have a lot of water
2.have a lot of vitamins,especially rich in vitamin c and B vitamin
3.have a lot of minerals,such as Potassium,magnesium
4.have a lot of Dietary fiber.
Citrus has lot of vitamin c.

there are some fruits and Fresh vegetables also have lot of vitamin c,such as Strawberry, hawthorn, jujube and kiwi ETC.

the vegetables and fruits can prevent cancer and Anti-cancer is Related what nutrients they have.but the lemons’nutrients can not prevent and Anti-cancer.So we must eat more kind of food to prevent.

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