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Eating too much can lead to premature ovarian failure

Core Tips: eating too much is not conducive to good health, and it is also likely to cause gastrointestinal disease, metabolic syndrome, accelerate the aging which results premature ovarian failure of women. In this regard, the experts say that the excessive intake of food can put the burden on the gastrointestinal tract for digesting food which will lead to malnutrition of other issues of the body.

Caution: women are more likely to suffer premature ovarian failure because of the excessive intake of food

Excessive fat or dry food can easily lead to a large number of metabolites and feces. And their aggregate and toxins will hurt human organs, meridians, blood, and accelerate the aging of human organs, face injury and premature ovarian failure. In clinical practice, we can see that a lot people who suffer from constipation are not only prone to sore throat, headache and other symptoms, but also suffer from the facial acne, wrinkles, gray hair.Eating too much can lead to premature ovarian failure

In fact, our ancestors have long known that reducing food intake moderately is good for the physical health and longevity. The proverb says: “eating less will make people live to 99.” U.S. physicians through an experiment in rats found a gene called the longevity gene, which appears in hunger instead of normal circumstances, namely, no biological activity. It can extend the life expectancy of the animals.

Therefore, moderate hunger not only contributes to good health, also but longevity. The survey data shows that the elderly who are a little fatter live a shorter life of 3 to 5 years than those who are a little slimmer; 80% of the old people who are more than 90 year old have dieting habits. So the saying goes: “Money can not buy the slim figure in the old age.” these show the importance of eating less.

It will have serious consequences if fasting after eating too much, which will easily lead to menstrual disorders or amenorrhea for women.

As the nature of the grains and cereals are warm, while that of meat, vegetables and fruits, cold, many dieting girls will be lack of blood and suffer the disease of yang deficiency. They will suffer dizziness, memory loss, and menstrual disorders, such as the late menstruation, menstruation, or amenorrhea. More severely, the signs of secondary sexual characteristics degradation will appear, namely, a flat chest, sparse pubic hair and armpit hair and so on. Therefore, excessive dieting is not right for the girls who pursue the beauty.

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