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The eight food that can help male looks young

Health is very important for everybody, no matter male or female. Today, let me talk about the health of male, which is highly concerned nowadays. Male has played an important role in the society so they need to concern more on their health. The following eight foods can help males looks young.

Male should eat more tomatoes but drink less milk

From the statistic analysis, compare those male who have taken 600 milligram of calcium from milk with those male who have take 150 milligram of calcium, those who take 600 milligram of calcium have a relatively lower concentration of 25 – dihydroxy ,and vitamin d3, which can help with preventing us from getting prostate cancer. [...]

Garlic can help with reproduction

Everybody knows that garlic can help with killing virus, so that many people eat garlic when spring starts. But many people do not know that garlic can also help with reproduction system by increasing the quantity of sperm, and it can also help us not felling so tired, help our bodies stronger. And that is [...]

Must-eat food for modern men

1 sauce Men should eat more tomatoes, sauce, pizza and other food so as to help to prevent prostate cancer. Some of the examples are tomato garlic sauce, Italian-style dumplings with sauce.

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