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Archive for August, 2011

Five must-not do for babies' diet

Five must-not do for babies’ diet

For those normal babies, if you feed them by some scientific method, there won’t be any nutritional illness normally. But there are five must-not do for babies’ diet.

The four suitable fruits to eat in autumn

The four suitable fruits to eat in autumn

Central idea: If I want to eat fruits in autumn, which one is suitable? As we all know that there are many fruits that we can choose from in autumn but many people just don’t know which fruit can keep us healthy and which fruit can provide us most nutritional value. So I am here [...]

The six most unhealthy ways of eating eggs

Central idea: Undoubtedly, eggs are full of nutritions and it is easy for us to eat. But than some ways of eating eggs can destroy the nutritional functions of eggs or even help with the appear of some diseases so I must tell you more here.

Breastfeeding baby can greatly prevent them to suffer from asthma

Central idea: Many researches show that those who never been breastfeed may have a higher chance of suffering from asthma, dry cough and sputum, compare with those breastfeeding baby which has been fed for more than 6 months. The chance of suffering from asthma and sputum is also higher by 1.5 times.

Attention: Eating watermelon in this way can make you fat

Central advices: Although 94% of watermelon is water, it contains high quantity of sugar. So if you eat one big watermelon which is around 8-10kg daily, it means that you have absorb 1000-1250 kcal. So that those who try to eat watermelon to keep fit cannot achieve their goal.

The eight food that can help male looks young

Health is very important for everybody, no matter male or female. Today, let me talk about the health of male, which is highly concerned nowadays. Male has played an important role in the society so they need to concern more on their health. The following eight foods can help males looks young.

Four type of dishes made by corn that can make you slim

Corn contains lots of dietary fiber and it can remove some bad substances in the intestine so that it can help your abdomen to become slimmer. Moreover, dietary fiber will increase its size in intestine so that you will feel full. Not only can these, Magnesium in corn also stimulate the movement of intestines and [...]

Using fruits and vegetables to remove freckles? So easy!

Is it really so hard to remove freckles on face? Ladies always worry about freckles because they just cannot find ways to remove them. Actually, it is an easy job with the help of natural vegetables and fruits.

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