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Archive for July, 2011

Nutritional recommendations to female

We can treat the whole society as a big family as there are kids, teenagers, elderlies, male and female. Different person has different type of life and it has made their social life become colorful. No matter their age and sex, their need for health is almost the same but the need for nutrition is [...]

The four best food to keep you as a beauty

Central advice: Ladies are afraid of some little wrinkle appearing in their face; it can be rather serious if they become bigger. So that those beauties must be aware of them! Today, I am going to recommend 4 foods that can keep you beautiful!

Male should eat more tomatoes but drink less milk

From the statistic analysis, compare those male who have taken 600 milligram of calcium from milk with those male who have take 150 milligram of calcium, those who take 600 milligram of calcium have a relatively lower concentration of 25 – dihydroxy ,and vitamin d3, which can help with preventing us from getting prostate cancer. [...]

Garlic can help with reproduction

Everybody knows that garlic can help with killing virus, so that many people eat garlic when spring starts. But many people do not know that garlic can also help with reproduction system by increasing the quantity of sperm, and it can also help us not felling so tired, help our bodies stronger. And that is [...]

5 mustn’t buy bulk foods in the supermarket

1. Cereal Unpackaged cereal food favors the breeding of bacteria, and the losses of nutrients are also very high. As cereals contain water so a relatively high in humidity place will favor the breeding of bacteria. Aflatoxin, which is a type of carcinogenic substances, that cause a great harm to our bodies and they are [...]

The seven foods that make you can’t sleep at all

Everybody wants to eat what they want, have a rest as they like, and have enough sleep. But than, eating in improper way can make you difficult to sleep according to the experts. Recently, many media reported that the American nutritionists have stated out the 7 major food that make us just could not have [...]

Top-ten taboos of eating that must be done to prevent having cancers

Unhealthy eating style is one of the causes of cancers. According to the experts, there are many factors of causing cancers. And 80% cases of cancers are all caused by unhealthy lifestyle. In those 80%, dietary factors take about 35%, smoking takes about 30%. The effectiveness of these two factors is far greater than the [...]

Several vegetables that can help you lose weight in summer

1. Garlic is the compound of Sulfur compounds and it can reduce the cholesterol level in our blood and prevent the formation of thrombosis. And it can also help to increase the quantity of High-density lipoprotein. 2.Chives not only contain calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar and protein, vitamin A, C, it also contains carotene and a [...]

Having the following food in breakfast to help you to release your pressure

1.We can have banana, cereal which contains high levels of fiber (such as corn flakes, cereal etc.) Banana contains large numbers of Vitamin B6´╝îwhich is the must-have nutrient of humans metabolism. Because of the pressure, the digestive system can easily not feeling well, so we should absorb large numbers of fiber to confront our pressures.

Food that can help us to avoid sunburnt

Many ladies are afraid of dark color of their skin if they were white. Actually, other than doing some external protective measures, they can also have the similar effects by eating some foods as some foods contain the substances that can prevent you from sunburnt. We advice you to eat more the following food in [...]

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